Are Levi's Shoes & Sneakers Good quality? Is It Worth Buying? (2023)

Levi’s is considered to be one of the most iconic brands in America. It started out as a denim producer and has now grown into a global clothing company with over 300 stores in the United States alone. They are also involved in the footwear industry. So, are Levi’s shoes good?

While this brand is well-known for its jeans, they also produce quality shoes for men and women. Levi’s also produces other popular styles such as high-tops and sneakers, which are often worn by people who enjoy athletic activities or casual wear. They are well known for their durability, comfort, and style.

Their shoes are mostly made with leather and other high-quality materials that don’t wear out easily. They also provide a wide range of colors and designs that cater to different tastes and preferences of consumers.

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History Of Levi’s

Levi Strauss & Co. started out as a clothing company that has been producing blue jeans and other denim in the United States for a long time. Both men and women wear their jeans worldwide, and the company has been distributing its products for over 150 years.

This brand has a long history of providing quality products to American consumers. They have also been able to maintain their high-quality standards despite numerous changes in the market and technology. They have been around since 1853, and they have always been at the top of their game.

Where Are Levi’s Shoes Made?

Levi’s has shifted their production from the US to developing countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and India in the past few decades. This is due to many factors like cheaper labor, lower production costs, and a rise in demand for their products.

Do note that Levi’s focuses mostly on their clothing lineup. The main company doesn’t manufacture the footwear they sell. So, it might come as a surprise to many customers when they find out that the shoes, they have been buying are not genuine Levi’s.

That being said, the company does a quality check on the shoes before they are sold to make sure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase.

What About Levi’s Shoes Warranty Policy?

The company offers 30 days warranty on all their products, which includes free returns for any reason within that period if you are not satisfied with your purchase. However, the company has been known to change its policies on the go depending on the retailer that they sell to.

The retailers are responsible for providing the warranty service, and Levi’s is only responsible for the process of issuing and tracking the receipt of the warranty service. The retailers are also responsible for returning products to Levi’s if they don’t meet their standards.

Are Levi’s Shoes True To Size?

When it comes to buying shoes, most people want to make sure they are getting a perfect fit. But when it comes to buying shoes online, there is no way of knowing if the size will fit you or not without trying them on first.

Some people have found that their converse runs a half size too big. So, it might be better to order half a size smaller than what you normally wear. But, other than that, most of their shoes are true to size.

In many cases, people buy the wrong size and have to return them for a refund or exchange. This can be very time-consuming and frustrating for those who have limited time during the weekdays.

Levi’s has taken this into account with their sizing chart, which is very helpful for those who don’t know what size they should buy or if their shoe will fit. Make sure to check this size chart before you order one.

Are Levi’s Shoes Any Good? 5 Reasons To Buy One

Levi’s shoes are often considered an investment piece because they can last longer than other brands and hold their value better. In this section, I will discuss some reasons you should buy Levi’s shoes.

  • Lots Of Shoes To Choose From

Levi’s is known for their quality and style. They offer a variety of shoes to match their clothing line. From boots to lace-ups, they have a wide variety of stylish sneakers to make your outfit pop.

  • Emphasis On Style

Levi’s is a brand that people can trust in terms of quality and style. They have a strong emphasis on style, as well as comfort. They have also been making strides to keep up with the latest trends in fashion.

  • Affordability

There are many reasons people should buy Levi’s shoes, but the most important reason is that they are affordable. This makes them perfect for people who need to buy new clothes every now and then or those who don’t have much money to spend on new clothes every month.

  • Comfort

Levi’s shoes are perfect for everyday wear or even gifts to friends and family because of their comfort level. You will always look good and feel great while saving money on your purchase.

  • Long Lasting

Their shoes are made of high-quality materials, which make them long-lasting and good value for the money. The quality of these shoes is definitely worth the price.

Top Available Shoes On The Market

Levi’s is a company that always strives to be on top of its game when it comes to fashion trends and designs. They want to make sure that they are releasing new products at a fast pace to keep up with the competition from other brands like Nike or Adidas.

With a wide range of brands and styles, there are plenty of options to choose from. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular ones.

  • Miles Perf Casual Sneaker Shoe

The shoe has a contrast trim and a white upper, making it easy to match with any outfit. It also has a cushioned insole to provide comfort and support during long hours of wearing the shoes.

  • Jeffrey 501 Slip-on Waxed Casual Sneaker

It is one of the latest styles from the brand and offers style without sacrificing comfort or durability. This shoe is perfect for wearing with jeans, chinos, or shorts.

  • Atwater Waxed UL NB Casual Sneaker Boot

This is an affordable casual shoe that provides comfort and durability. In addition, it offers the right amount of traction for wet or dry surfaces, making it ideal for daily wear.

  • Ethan Perf Classic Fashion Sneaker Shoe

This classic low-top sneaker is designed for all-day wear, with a padded collar to provide comfort and support. The perforated tongue gives you freedom of movement, while the rubber outsole provides grip in wet weather.

Are There Any Good Levi’s Shoe Alternatives?

There are many good alternatives to Levi’s shoes, such as Nike, Adidas, Steve Madden, Vans, and Puma, which have all been around for a long time. Some of these companies are much more successful than Levi’s in terms of their market share and revenue in the footwear industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does Levi’s make tennis shoes?

Levi’s is not actually known for making tennis shoes. They do make a wide range of different types of sneakers that are made to be more casual and have a platform sole.

2. How can you tell fake Levi’s shoes?

The following are some of the ways to tell fake Levi’s shoes from a real pair.
If the tag is missing or it has been removed, it’s fake.
The stitching should be consistent and not look like it was done by hand.
The material should be different than that of the original Levi’s (for example, if they are made out of a different material).

3. Why Are Levi’s Shoes So Cheap?

Levi’s is famous for its quality and affordability, but the company itself doesn’t make any of its shoes. Instead, they rely on licensing the brand name to other companies that will produce the clothing, shoes, etc.

Final Words

I think the latest trend in fashion is to not care about what you wear. That’s why we’re seeing so many people wearing sneakers right now because it goes with everything. And Levi’s knows how to make good shoes at an affordable price.

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Is Levi's a good brand? ›

They will last for many years, although those which are made with synthetic blends do not last as long. Levi's jeans are definitely good quality but really hard to say if they're any better than the other major brands.

Are Levi's trainers good? ›

Really good quality, comfortable trainers. I ordered a 6.5 and they are true to size. Lightweight excellent trainer!

Do Levi's shoes fit true to size? ›

Levi's sizing is pretty much true to your usual size.

Is Levi's a shoe brand? ›

Levi's® riveted denim jeans and jackets have been around for nearly 150 years — but the brand forged a new path into casual footwear almost 50 years ago, launching a line of boots, sneakers and loafers dubbed Levi's® for Feet.

Does Levi's have a quality guarantee? ›

All products have a 2-year warranty against manufacturing and material defects (outside of normal wear and tear). For products with defects, if you purchased within 60 days from or from a Levi's store, please follow the process to return for a full refund.

What is so special about Levi's? ›

Though denim already existed, Levi's changed everything with one small addition: rivets. Who knew little metal fasteners would change the course of fashion forever? This seemingly minor innovation made jeans stronger and more reliable; in other words, it made them what they are today.

Is Levi's worth the price? ›

Also, the quality of the denim is higher than budget jeans, making it last longer and more cost-effective than buying cheap jeans. So, if you want to know, Levi's jeans and clothes are worth the money.

What is Levi's ranking? ›

Levi Strauss & Co. is ranked #18 in Fashion and Beauty Brands.

How durable is Levi's? ›

Levi's jeans have the flexibility and appearance of a 100% cotton denim, but in fact they are made from CORDURA fibers, allowing them greater durability and exceptional abrasion resistance.

Should I size up or down for Levi's? ›

For those who want to machine wash and dry the jeans, we recommend sizing up. For your waist, increase 1" for sizes 27"-36", 2" for 38"-48", and 3" for 50" and up. And for your inseam, increase 3" for sizes 27"-34" and 4" for 36" and up.

What size is womens 10 in Levis? ›

Kohl's Levi's Women's Clothing Size Chart
S4-625" - 27"
M8-1027" - 29"
L12-1429" - 32"
XL16-1832" - 35"
1 more row

What size is a 34 inch waist in women's Levi's? ›

3030.5 - 3136.5 - 37
3131.5 - 3237.5 - 38
3232.5 - 3338.5 - 39
3333.5 - 3439.5 - 40
19 more rows

Are Levi's made in China? ›

Current products. As of 2019, the vast majority of Levi's are made overseas in a number of developing countries, such as Bangladesh, China, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Some styles in the "Levi's Premium" and "Levi's Vintage Clothing" lines are, however, made in the United States.

Who made Levi shoes? ›

In 1853, Levi Strauss, an immigrant from Bavaria, opened a dry goods company in San Francisco at the height of the California Gold Rush.

What makes Levi's different from other brands? ›

Our brands are among the most celebrated names in apparel, recognized for their quality, originality and integrity. The Levi's® brand epitomizes classic American style and effortless cool. An emblem of the pioneering spirit, Levi's® continues to evolve with every generation.

Is Levi's still a popular brand? ›

Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the best-known apparel companies in the world, particularly for their jeans.

Is Levi's considered fast fashion? ›

Here at Levi's®, we know that the cost of fast fashion is too high. In order to divest from this cycle of waste, we approach our design processes and business models as powerful opportunities to advance sustainability throughout the lifecycle of our products.

Is Levi's a good brand in USA? ›

Our brands are among the most celebrated names in apparel, recognized for their quality, originality and integrity. The Levi's® brand epitomizes classic American style and effortless cool. An emblem of the pioneering spirit, Levi's® continues to evolve with every generation.


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