Ternoa x The Blox accelerator program (2023)

Introducing the companies participating in The Blox Ternoa Accelerator

200 applications submitted, 7 projects selected…

Ternoa is the perfect framework for companies building in Web3, looking for ease of use, and creating NFTs with utility. To support projects in their journey, we’ve partnered with The Blox to bring you the Ternoa x The Blox Accelerator program. All companies in the accelerator are working on cutting-edge NFT use cases and taking NFTs further than just JPEGs.

Throughout, we’re offering support in the form of mentorship, grants, and other perks. Go here for more info on the Ternoa x The Blox accelerator program.

This post introduces the first seven companies participating in the current boot camp of the accelerator program.

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While NFTs are a great way to start monetizing digital art, simply attaching an image to an NFT does little to protect it from being hijacked by copycats. It’s common for brands or artists to find copies of their works or use of their original images in ways not intended. In 2021 alone, piracy has cost businesses over $1.3 trillion, and the worst part is that as much as 70% of it goes undetected.

Web3 is a nascent industry that requires IP protection systems that can keep up with its rapid development speed. Enter Lawyerd, the startup, is focused on enabling anyone to protect their precious intellectual property online, secure it on-chain, and detect any misuse. Lawyerd offers businesses a holistic suite of tools regardless of whether they operate in Web3 or not. With these tools, they can certify rights to their product, automatically receive reports of potential violations, and send out complaints whenever violations are detected. Any copyright can be supported, from trademarks to gaming assets to NFTs and more.

Lawyerd is already available in 29 countries and significantly cheaper than relying on existing systems to tackle violations of IP. Their tech scans the internet 24/7 for potential IP violations and copycats to empower artists, projects, and businesses — a perfect fit with Ternoa’s advanced NFT capabilities.

Companies already using Lawyerd include Rarible, Philips, and Cloudflare, among others.

Read more about Lawyerd on their website.


The initial rise of NFTs was driven by speculation and people looking to flip their pfp collections for a profit. However, while it was great to drive the initial infrastructure and build out the rails, the future will see a shift toward more utility-driven NFTs and beyond speculation.

Renting a pfp might not make a lot of sense if all it provides are bragging rights on Twitter, but the more NFT projects start attaching utility to their NFTs, the more renting will become a requested future. Imagine being able to rent an NFT to gain access to a game or a physical location.

That’s the future Jaypigs is powering. With Jaypigs, activities that are usually just available for DeFi tokens become available to NFT holders, including Staking, Borrowing, and revenue-sharing mechanisms.

Jaypigs is leveraging the Ternoa and Axelar network to provide cross-chain support for NFTs and empower users to monetize their assets, access utility cheaply, and offer additional revenue to users.

For anyone looking to use their NFTs for more than just as profile pictures, check out how Jaypigs could enhance utility.

Kamea Labs

The private investment market is typically only open to high-net-worth individuals and institutions. Retail investors cannot access some of the most valuable opportunities in private equity and venture capital.

This limit ultimately disadvantages retail investors and restricts LPs from expanding their base and entrepreneurs in terms of fundraising. Aware of the challenges in existing markets, the team behind Kamea Labs decided to open up investment to all.

On Kamea Labs, anyone will be able to access investment opportunities. They leverage the power of self-custody and rely on a Web 2.5 approach to ensure full compliance with regulators while creating a more democratic investing landscape. With Kamea, investors gain access to transparent asset management and competitive deals while entrepreneurs benefit from new fundraising mechanisms and community expertise. Lastly, asset managers can use the platform to acquire new customers and manage assets securely and with increased liquidity.

You can read more about Kamea here.


Arcad3 is focused on building a play-to-earn experience on top of the Ternoa blockchain leveraging all the available NFT pallets. Arcad3 is a gaming platform that allows gamers to play, compete and win cryptocurrency.

With experience building in the Tezos ecosystem, the team has decided to expand to Ternoa to empower players, reward them for their time and give them ways to bet on their performance.

More information will be available soon as the team is currently focused on building its infrastructure and finessing the game environments. We’re looking forward to seeing the first games being released.

You can follow for all the latest updates on Twitter.


Astromust is a cutting-edge, open-world multiplayer game that takes players on an epic blockchain journey full of adventure. With a shared narrative that links different game types, players can explore the vast, persistent universe solo or with friends in teams or large factions. Whether players choose to build their legacy on their own or with AI robots, they’ll find themselves immersed in a world full of excitement and possibilities.

With blockchain technology connecting games and players, Astromust provides a unique gaming experience that includes item interoperability, shared progression, and a Proof of Play token to protect the in-game economy. The game also consists of a self-sustaining resource management ecosystem, allowing players to gather resources and build virtually anything they need to support their voyage to the moon. With assets made by players and traded through various quirky outlets, such as the ‘black’ asteroid market in space or the regular MUST high street stores, Astromust provides a more extensive, deeper gaming ecosystem for players to enjoy. So join the intrepid Astromust on a mission to save humanity and discover the secrets of the universe!

You can explore the world of Astromust here.


Airpen is an online publishing platform changing the game for storytellers everywhere. Airpen aims to empower writers to take control of their narratives and receive fair compensation for their work. With Airpen, anyone can share their stories in a self-sovereign way on the decentralized web, allowing writers to take control of their narrative and connect with audiences on a whole new level.

But Airpen is more than just a platform for sharing stories. It also allows writers to receive payments from their supportive audience, allowing them to monetize their work and take their craft to the next level. And with Ternoa NFTs carrying ownership data and Arweave storing content permanently on the blockchain, Airpen is leading the charge in decentralized, secure online publishing. With its cutting-edge technology and commitment to self-sovereignty, Airpen is revolutionizing how we think about online publishing, one story at a time.

You can start writing and reading on Airpen here.


Untitled is a decentralized database that utilizes the power of NFTs to create digital collectibles of unbuilt architectural and design projects. By allowing architects, designers, and creators to upload their assets, such as 3D models, music, and videos, and monetize them through various means, Untitled provides creators with a direct financial stake in the success of their creations. This approach aligns the interests of creators and users and helps to drive innovation and growth in the creative industry.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Untitled is creating a secure and user-friendly platform for creators to preserve and profit from their creations while protecting their intellectual property rights. With Untitled, users can tokenize their unbuilt projects and create digital collectibles that can be bought and sold on the blockchain. This innovative platform also provides various use cases, including asset monetization, a sample library, and on-demand NFTs.

Additionally, Untitled provides an API-driven developer-first API, allowing pro users, data science, and AI engines to parse through the data lake as they wish and data mining to reference and analyze immersive portfolios, identify KPIs and market trends, and manage and boost digital assets.

To read more about Untitled, visit their website here.

As you can see, Ternoa provides a wide range of opportunities for creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs to explore the possibilities of the decentralized web. And this is just the beginning — with a growing community of like-minded individuals and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Ternoa is on a mission to play a vital role in shaping the future of Web3.

So why not join us on this exciting adventure and contribute to building the decentralized future we all deserve? Share your ideas and stay tuned for upcoming Ternoa building programs that will take your skills and expertise to the next level. And if you have any questions or need help getting started, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and supportive community channels — we’re always happy to help!


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